Mont Lawn Camp was founded with the mission of serving NYC’s underprivileged youth.  In 1894, Dr. Klopsch of the Christian Herald started a camp for kids in Nyack NY.  The goal of camp was to take poor kids to the country for a time of spiritual, physical and personal growth.  For 69 years MLC was held at this location.  Due to urbanization, the Christian Herald decided to purchase new property, and settled on an area in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. In 1963 MLC moved to its new rural location in the mountains.  MLC continued to be developed and expanded.  In 1985, MLC incorporated a retreat season to utilize the facility in the off season. With a 3:1 camper to staff ratio, our dedicated Christian staff continues to provide positive roll models and the experiences that stretch and grow NYC’s youth; spiritual, physically and emotionally.

The Retreat Center operates the remaining nine months of the year.  This allows us to share our beautiful camp and facilities with the public.  And the revenue generated allows us to continue to serve the youth of New York and Pennsylvania.

In recent years the camp and retreat center has undergone major changes.  In 2006, the Diebold chapel received a major renovation as well as a refurbished interior.  In the last few years we have also built 3 new lodges with the capacity of 50 beds each, renovated almost every building to modernize each one while protecting that "out in the country" feeling.  And this year we are building two new lodges that will accommodate groups from 10 to 40. With all these changes, MLC&RC continues to stay true to its mission.  

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